Recycled Water System

The City of Fresno plans to use 25,000 acre-feet per year of recycled water to irrigate open spaces, parks, street medians, and golf courses, and at groundwater recharge facilities. The City is constructing an advanced treatment facility at the Fresno-Clovis Regional Water Reclamation Facility (RWRF) to process and clean the water to meet state and federal standards and regulations for non-potable use. The initial capacity of the facility will be five million gallons per day with a future capacity of 30 million gallons per day.

The new treatment facility will pump water into the new network of recycled water pipelines that will convey recycled water across the City. The route begins in a rural and agricultural area in Fresno County and moves to high traffic City streets. High traffic volumes, businesses, agriculture, cemeteries and residences are immediately adjacent to project route.


The Southwest Quadrant RWTMs and supporting infrastructure will be constructed through five or more projects, including the following:

  • Southwest Quadrant Segment SW1A is a 3.7-mile long, 48 to 54-inch diameter recycled water pipeline. The route for the pipeline is from the RWRF, located just west from the intersection of Jensen and Cornelia avenues, and travels eastward along Jensen Avenue to Cornelia Avenue, and north on Cornelia Avenue to Whites Bridge Avenue. This segment was completed in August 2016.

  • Southwest Quadrant Segment SW1B is approximately 3.8 miles of eight-inch through 48-inch diameter recycled water pipeline. The route for the pipeline is along Cornelia Avenue between Whites Bridge Avenue and Belmont Avenue, Belmont Avenue between Cornelia Avenue and Marks Avenue, and Blythe Avenue between Belmont Avenue and Whites Bridge Avenue.

  • Southwest Quadrant Segment SW1C is approximately 1.6 miles of 24-inch to 36-inch diameter recycled water pipeline. The pipeline route begins near the intersection of Belmont and Marks avenues, and travels east on Belmont Avenue, then north on West Iota Road, where Iota Road turns into North Parkway Drive. From North Parkway Drive, the pipeline continues east under Highway 99 via jack and bore and ends within Roeding Park.

  • Southwest Quadrant Segment SW1C2, SW1D, and Southwest 4 in total is approximately 8.7 miles of eight-inch to 48-inch diameter recycled water pipeline. This project will be constructed in three segments (SW1C2, SW1D, and SW4).

The SW1C2 segment begins at Belmont and Hughes avenues and travels south on Hughes Avenue to Whites Bridge Avenue; east on Whites Bridge Avenue to Trinity Street, south on Trinity Street to Stanislaus Street; and from Trinity Street, south on B Street and along Amador Street to just east of Highway 99; and from Whites Bridge north on Fruit Avenue, to just north of El Dorado Street.

The SW1D segment begins at Belmont and Cornelia avenues, where it connects to segment SW1B, and travels north on Cornelia Avenue to Shields Avenue; from Cornelia and McKinley avenues, east to Cecilia; from Cornelia and Clinton avenues, west to Polk then south on Polk Avenue to Yale Avenue.

The SW4 segment commences at the end of Project SW1C2, just south of the intersection of Trinity Street and Lemon Avenue. The pipeline generally travels southeastward via Trinity Street, Kearney Boulevard and ‘A’ Street, then northeastward toward ‘H’ Street in Inyo Street, northwest in ‘H’, Mariposa, and Broadway Streets, and finally northeast through Downtown Fresno in Fresno Street. The project also includes recycled water mains (RWMs) in Fresno Street southwest of State Route 99 (SR99), and in Divisadero Street west of State Route 41 (SR41).

  • Tertiary Treatment Facility and Pump Station (Phase 1) is being built within the RWRF located just west of the intersection of Jensen and Cornelia avenues.


Project NameProject NumberCouncil DistrictConstruction StartConstruction FinishConstruction Cost Estimate
Tertiary Treatment at RWRF Phase ITC000793September 2014November 2016 $30,000,000
RWTM Southwest Quadrant Segment SW1ATC00096CountyOctober 2015August 2016 $7,622,384
RWTM Southwest Quadrant Segment SW1BTC000963, CountyMarch 2016November 2016 $9,341,491
RWTM Southwest Quadrant Segment SW1CTC000963July 2016November 2016 $4,198,175
RWTM Southwest Quadrant Segment SW1D & SW4TC000963, 5, CountyMarch 2017December 2017 $34,800,000

Project Status

Recycled Water Transmission Mains Projects SW1A, SW1B and SW1C are complete and delivering recycled water.  Construction began on Recycled Water Transmission Mains Project SW1C2. The contactor, Bill Nelson General Engineering Construction, has begun constructing several pipeline crossings and several smaller pipe branches. Project SW1C2 is expected to be complete in July 2018.


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