Regional Transmission Mains (RTMs)

Project Number: WC00065-2RMFD-001

Council District: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, County




The City installed approximately 69,300 linear feet (13 miles) of 20-inch through 66-inch diameter Regional Transmission Mains (RTMs). These RTMs are treated (potable) water pipelines that convey potable water from the new Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility (SESWTF), which was also constructed as part of the City of Fresno Water Division’s Capital Improvement Plan, to existing smaller-diameter water distribution piping. These transmission pipelines enable water from the treatment facility to reach residents and businesses throughout the City.


The Regional Transmission Mains were installed along right-of-ways throughout the City of Fresno’s roadways which includes the following segments:
  • Along Olive Avenue from Fowler to Fresno Street,
  • Along Fresno Street from Olive to McKinley,
  • Along McKinley from Fresno Street to Palm Avenue,
  • Along Palm Avenue from McKinley Avenue to North H Street,
  • Along Chestnut Avenue from Olive Avenue to Ashlan Avenue, and
  • Along Temperance Avenue from Belmont to Kings Canyon Avenue.

Purpose of Project

The City has existing RTMs (called Phase 1 RTMs) that convey water from West Central Fresno to Downtown Fresno. The new RTMs (called Phase 2 RTMs) connect from the new SESWTF to the existing Regional Transmission Mains (Phase 1 RTMs). The connection of Phase 1 and Phase 2 RTMs allows further distribution of drinking water, especially from the new SESWTF. The Phase 2 RTMs connect to the City’s other existing drinking water infrastructure that connects to individual homes and businesses. Implementation of this and other ongoing major projects will reduce reliance on groundwater and alleviate groundwater depletion.

Project Status

Construction of Regional Transmission Mains Segments A1 and A2 are complete. The pipelines are connected to the City’s distribution system and are conveying new surface water from the Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility to Fresno homes and businesses. Construction of Regional Transmission Main Segment B and C is progressing and is slated to be complete in 2019.


Design Start: March 2014
Design Completion: March 2016
Construction Contract Bid: June 2016
Construction Start: August 2016
Construction Finish: March 2019
Segment A1
Construction Contract Bid: June 2016
Construction Start: August 2016
Construction Finish: May 2018
Segment A2
Construction Contract Bid: August 2016
Construction Start: October 2016
Construction Finish: May 2018
Segment B/C
Construction Contract Bid: November 2017
Construction Start: February 2018
Construction Finish: June 2019


Total Project Cost Estimate: $82,735,428
Construction Cost Estimate: $59,966,236

City Project Manager

Martin Wendels

Construction Manager


Design Consultant

Blair, Church & Flynn Consulting Engineers

Construction Contractor

Segment A1 Contractor: Mountain Cascade, Inc.
        Segment A2 Contractor: Floyd Johnston Construction Company, Inc.
        Segment B/C Contractor: TBD