Recharge Fresno Program Funding

Paying for Improvements

Affordability. Reliability. Sustainability.

Securing a reliable water supply for Fresno’s future requires investment. In February 2015, following unprecedented public participation, the Fresno City Council overwhelmingly supported a five-year water rate increase to fund Recharge Fresno. The action marked a crucial investment in Fresno’s water future for the health and vitality of our community, and reflects strong City leadership and a number of improvements based on community input and involvement. The result is a plan that will achieve a balanced and sustainable water supply at an affordable cost. In addition, the City also adopted major initiatives to ensure continued oversight, wise water use and affordability including:


Recharge Fresno Project Costs

In February 2015, the Fresno City Council approved a five-year rate plan to provide $429.1 million of funding to complete the following projects:

Southeast Surface Water Treatment Facility
$186.4 million
Raw Water Pipelines
$98.4 million
Finished Water Pipelines
$55.4 million
Water System Renewal and Replacement
$82.5 million
Groundwater Recharge
$6.4 million

Funding Water System Improvements

Paying for Our Investments

The City of Fresno has explored available funding sources, including grants and low-interest loans, to minimize user rates. The vast majority of water utilities rely on water rates, and the California Constitution and water industry standards identify accepted parameters for establishing those rates.

To pay for Recharge Fresno projects, the City of Fresno has secured $340.2 million in California State Revolving Fund low-interest loans. These loans will spread the impact of project costs over 30 years and reduce the impact on ratepayers.

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In February 2015, the City of Fresno approved a five-year water rate plan following a robust community involvement and Proposition 218 process to raise awareness about the need for the rate increase and the benefits of ensuring a long-term sustainable water supply and system for Fresnans. That conversation and analysis resulted in the approved five-year rates that, in 2019, will remain lower than the average 2015 water rates in comparable California cities.


With Fresno’s five-year water rate plan, 2019 water charges will remain lower than the average 2015 water rates in comparable California cities.

Controlling Monthly Bills

All ratepayers are able to control their monthly bill by carefully managing water usage and taking advantage of water conservation recommendations and services. In fact, the new rate plan allocates approximately 64 percent of the cost of providing water service to the “consumption charge” (the charge per hundred cubic feet) for water usage. This means users have more control over their monthly water bill based on how much water they use.

To speak with a water conservation representative or to schedule a FREE site visit to learn more about conservation measures, please contact the City’s Water Division at 559-621-5300. Additional Water Conservation Services are listed below:

  • Water-wise landscape consultation
  • Irrigation efficiency audit
  • Help setting irrigation controllers
  • Interior/exterior water leak surveys
  • Water meter use information
  • Rebates
  • Public outreach and education
  • Enforcement of Fresno City Water regulations
  • Water Conservation Hotline: 559-621-5480 or
    online reporting form: